Searching for Henna Brows Training?

Are you a beautician looking to expand the beauty treatments you offer? Are you looking for a company that can provide you with professional henna brows training? Well, then you come to the right place. Welcome to Brow Tycoon. We launched the first henna brow brand in the UK, and since have become one of the most successful henna brow suppliers in the UK. As a business, we have worked with a number of leading salons and have trained multiple beauticians to use our products, so they can provide their clients with a safe and natural way of tinting their brows. 


Here at Brow Tycoon, our henna brows training is in high demand as our training courses provide a wide range of skills and knowledge that can help beauticians expand their businesses without them changing their business structure or investing in a vast amount of equipment. Over the years, we have recruited some of the brightest and most talented people in the industry to provide our clients with the best training to ensure they learn the best techniques, practices and methods to use our high-quality products, giving their customer the best eyebrow tinting experience possible. 


An Overview of our Training Sessions


When you join us for a henna brows training session, we will give you the ability to learn and practice everything there is to know about our amazing products. Because all our courses are fully accredited and ABT approved, you will also receive a certification to show that you have been fully trained. Unlike other henna brow training providers, we have training centres across the whole of the United Kingdom, why not see if we are in your area?


Once you have completed your training with us, the potential financial return is huge, as you can earn yourself an extra £800 a month. As a qualified henna brow provider, you can charge between £25 to £30 per treatment, so with 5 sets of brows over a day 5 day week, your monthly revenue will rise by £800. However, as a business, we know once you get started and establish your reputation as a provider of our henna brow tints, the demands for your services will increase, so per day, you will be offering more treatment thus increasing your monthly revenue. Here at Brow Tycoon, our goal is to help you make money fast with Browtastic Henna.


Contact us for More Information


Whether you are a qualified beautician or a beauty salon owner that wants to make some more money, then taking part in our henna brows training sessions could be your answer. Here at Brow Tycoon, we have seen many beauty salons increase their revenues greatly once qualifying. If you would like more information about our training sessions, get in touch with us on 01412 660154, and a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can email us at, and we’ll aim to get back to you as quickly as possible.