Browtycoon® Queens Golden Wax has been specially developed to remove hair on every part of the body with a special formula. 
Thanks to the special plasticity and flexibility it is easy to apply this resin to a larger part of the body, applied it forms a thin elastic perfect film layer that grabs even the shortest and most difficult hairs. 
The resin is removed without the use of strips. 

Instructions for use Browtycoon® Queens Golden Wax: 
1. Heat the resin in a hardware warmer approx. 40 ° C; 
2. Treat the hair removal area with Browtycoon® Queens Prewax with Aloe Vera and this also removes any residues of cosmetic products. 3. 
Apply a small amount of talc or oil for hair removal. 
4. Take some resin on the spatula  
5. Apply the resin with the spatula to the treatment area and apply with the hair growth direction 
6. Leave a small curb edge, which is later used for the grip, to remove the resin . 
7. Wait a few seconds for the resin to harden. 
8. Hold the skin tight and remove the resin in a quick motion against the hair growth. Repeat the procedure for the next treatment area. 
9. At the end of the waxing, after-treatment of the skin with BrowTycoon® Queen Afterwax Oil Menthol 

 750 grams

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