Try to Source High Quality Henna Tint?

If you are looking for ways to expand your salons eyebrow capabilities, why not invest in henna tint from Brow Tycoon? Brow Tycoon is a leading, ABT accredited company who excels in the production and selling of henna brow tints and accompanying products, as well as henna brow training. Our aim is to provide salons, beauticians and academies with high quality training and products so that they can expand their services, and give their clients beautifully coloured eyebrows.  


Welcome to Brow Tycoon


We have a wide selection of high quality henna tint. With twelve base shades, from black and dark browns to blondes and grey, which can be mixed and matched in order to achieve the colour that best suits your customer, our products can create a vast range of colour shades. By keeping up to date with developments we are able to adapt and improve our products and processes to ensure that we supply our clients with the best knowledge and henna tint. 


To go along with our henna tint, we have a range of products that are important to the tinting process and care of your eyebrows. These include; shampoo, scrubs, pastes, primer, corrector, oil and much more. If you would prefer to purchase these items together, then our high quality eyebrow kit may be ideal for you, rather than buying the individual products. Every product we manufacture is thoroughly checked and meets EU standards. Not only can you expect a fantastic dye result, but our henna tint is also the safest in Ireland and the UK. 


In order for you to give your clients the best service possible we offer training workshops, which will give you both practical and theoretical training, run by passionate and experienced individuals who will share their expertise with you. We will be able to teach you the process of applying the henna tint, as well as how to prepare the brows pre application and care for them once the process is finished. To see all the topics the course covers as well as the price, please see here.


How Can you Benefit from our Henna Tint? 


Using henna tint for your eyebrows, cannot only make your eyebrow colour look more saturated, but is also good for the health of your hair. Because henna tint stains the skin as well as the hair the overall look produced is one of thicker and more defined eyebrows. This also means that the results can last up to 6 weeks. As henna is a natural ingredient and our formula is void of harmful chemicals such lead, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, the damage to your hair is greatly reduced, and henna supposedly has properties that are ideal for strengthening hair and gives a healthier appearance as well. 


Do you Have any Questions? 


If you would like to ask one of our knowledgeable and experienced team a question about our henna tint or any other products and services, you can reach out to us by calling 0141 266 0154 or emailing We will be happy to help you in any way we can and hope to hear from you soon.