Have you Been Trying to Find Dark Brown Henna for Eyebrows?

Dark brown henna for eyebrows is one of the twelve colours that Brow Tycoon offers clients, alongside various other applications and after care products, as well as high quality training for salons and academies to learn the proper methods of henna tinting. We are a reputable and highly successful manufacturer and supplier of top quality, EU compliant henna brow products, that we offer to those in the beauty industry. We are an ABT accredited business, which should assure that our training, services and products are to an expert level.


How Can We Help you? 


Brow Tycoon is the first henna brow company in the UK and we have been incredibly successful. Our products are made with henna and forgo more harmful chemicals that can be found in normal eye brow tints such as; ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. With the ability to dye the skin as well as the hair, your dark brown henna for eyebrows can give you thicker and well coloured eyebrow hair. 


All of our products are subject to meticulous quality checks to ensure its safety and efficiency, and because of this, and our high quality formula, we have the safest henna tint throughout Ireland and the UK. You can purchase our dark brown henna for eyebrows and our individual product pages provide you with information regarding, amount of uses, timing, instructions, how long it will last and more. 


What other Services do we Provide? 


Dark brown henna for eyebrows is only one of many products that we are able to supply you with. We are able to produce and supply other colours including; different shades of brown, black, blonde and grey, and with the ability to mix them up, we can cater to a huge variety of hair colours. We also have products designed for pre and post tint application such as; primer, scrub, wonder oil, paste, pre-inked mapping thread, correctors and more. If you are looking to purchase many of these products then our henna eyebrow kit is ideal. 


As well as our dark brown henna for eyebrows and our wide array of other products, we are also able to offer professional training. We recommend that you undertake the training prior to using our products, to ensure that you not only apply the tint correctly, but also so your clients get the most out of their henna brows. Our experts are able to carry out one to one training, teach small classes, or we can come to your salon. 


The courses will include how to carry out the pre treatment, expanding and drawing eyebrows, using the henna tint, as well as waxing and tweezing. We can also teach you how to listen to, interpret and contradict your customers wishes, which as well as making sure the customer gets what they want, also enhances customer care skills. This is a great opportunity to improve and expand your salons services and create potential for higher profits. 


Want to Get in Touch with our Team? 


To get more information about our dark brown henna for eyebrows you can reach out to our expert team who will gladly provide any answers, details or explanations you require. Simply call us on 0141 266 0154 or send an email to info@hennabrows.co.uk, and we will give you all the information you need.