Are you Trying to Find a High-Quality Henna Eyebrow Kit? 

B2B Beauty - Are you Trying to Find a High-Quality Henna Eyebrow Kit? 


Do you want professional, long-lasting dye to give your clients eyebrows a real makeover? Then its time to head over to Brow Tycoon and purchase your own henna eyebrow kit. Brow Tycoon are innovative creators and accredited providers of high quality henna dye, who take pride in being the first henna eyebrow company in the UK. Our wide variety of colours ensure that there will be something to suit everyone, and our commitment to providing safe products means you can rely on us to test our formulas thoroughly.


How can Brow Tycoon help you? 


Here at Brow Tycoon, our henna dye is a revolutionary solution for anyone who is looking for beautiful natural textures and colours for their eyebrows, without having to commit to permanent tattooing. Henna dye has become such a popular choice within salons and we make it our goal to provide clients with the highest quality of products, and first-class training. 


Our henna eyebrow kit contains the dye and an applicator, but we also include items such as; scrubs, correctors and shampoo, in order to make sure that your henna dye is not only applied, but applied well.  Scrubs and shampoos are important as they clean and remove dead skin cells, prior to the dye application, so that you can get the best colour results while also looking after your natural hair.


Brow Tycoon are highly trained in the application of henna dye and we are fully qualified to pass on our training to salons, beauticians or beauty schools, who are looking to expand their eyebrow treatments or skills. This is a highly sought after course, packed with theoretical and practical components, and is offered at a fantastic price. 


By completing our course and purchasing a henna eyebrow kit from us, the services and standard of those services that you can offer your clients, should significantly increase your reputation, and monthly income. 


Why Use Henna? 


Henna has been used for dying purposes since the age of the ancient Egyptians. Using a henna eyebrow kit to dye your eyebrows is a great alternative to eyebrow tint. Henna dye will produce long-lasting and colour rich eyebrows. The biggest benefit to our henna dye is the lack of harmful synthetic chemicals such as; ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and lead, and the absence of large amounts of paraphenylenediamine (PPD). 


These chemicals can result in irritation as well as damage to your hair, whereas our henna solution, which is the safest formula in the UK as well as Ireland, is designed to nourish and care for your eyebrow hair. Henna dye will colour not just the hair, but also the skin underneath, giving off the image of authentic, fuller and darker brows. 


Why not Call us Today?


So if you would like to purchase a henna eyebrow kit, or if you are interested in our training courses, then call us today on 0141 266 0154. One of our staff will be happy to give you further information and answer any questions you may have. You can also reach us via our email, where we will also get back to you as quickly as possible.