Looking for Henna Eyebrow Tints in the Uk

Are you looking for a place where you can source quality henna eyebrow tints in the UK? Then you come to the best place possible. Welcome to Brow Tycoon. We are a leading supplier of henna eyebrow tint in the UK. As a business, we were the first henna eyebrow tint brand to launch in the UK, and since then, our products are regularly used by many leading beauty and hair salons. To find out more information or to browse our products why not check out our online store?


An Introduction to B2B Beauty


Here at Brow Tycoon, our henna eyebrow tint in the UK comes in a range of different shades and colours making them suitable for all kinds of skin tones. The colours of our tints are extremely subtle, and will provide long lasting results. As a business, we have revolutionised eyebrow tinting, by making them readily available for more people and providing a safer alternative that doesn’t use any harmful chemicals and compounds that can be dangerous for the human body. 


Using our henna eyebrow tint in the UK means you will not need that eyebrow pencil or stencils any longer, as our products can provide an illusion of depth and fullness to the eyebrow. Visually filling in any gaps, as it colours the eyebrow as well as staining the skin beneath the hair too. Because our eyebrow tints last for up to 6 weeks, you won’t have to constantly visit your beautician. As our products have been extensively tested, the results have been very well-liked with the many salons and customers who have already been using a variety of natural Henna products.


Why Choose our Henna Eyebrow Tints?


Our henna eyebrow tints in the UK are very similar to the henna colours used in the Indian and Egyptian cultures, however, our superior products have been recreated and adapted to meet humans eyebrow tones. As a business, we use natural products to create our products which have been the source from the best places, so there is no need to worry about our tints being filled with cheap and harmful synthetic compounds and high levels of PPD that can cause massive reactions. Our products are guaranteed to be safe and suitable for everyone, especially those who may have sensitive skin. 


So, if you’re looking for some henna eyebrow tint in the UK, then why not check out our range of products we have available in our online store? As a leading manufacturer of eyebrow tints, when you start using our products, you won’t go back to using synthetic dyes and other similar products. If you have any questions about our henna eyebrow tint, feel free to get in touch with us on 01412 660154, and a member of our team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can email us on info@hennabrows.co.uk, and we will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.