Would You Like to Try a Henna Brow Course?

Do you own a beauty salon? Are you looking to extend your treatment list? Are you looking for some henna brow courses? Well, if you said yes then you’ve come to the best place. Welcome to Brow Tycoon.We were one of the first brands in the UK to create the perfect henna eyebrow tints, and now we have lots of courses to help you deliver the best henna eyebrow tinting service to your clients. Many people who have already attended our henna brow courses have said it has allowed them to pick up vital skills and techniques that they could use in their beauty salons, allowing them to provide the best henna brow tints in their areas.


Here at Brow Tycoon, our henna brow courses are nothing short of first-class. Our courses are delivered by a team of experts who have been applying henna brow tints on clients for a number of years, so they have mastered all the relevant skills and techniques that they will show you. Our training sessions are incredibly cost-effective because once you have learnt all the skills provided by our trainers, your client list will be growing quickly. 


What can you expect from our henna brow course?


If you are wondering what you can expect from our henna brow courses, our training courses will last approximately 4 hours which will be broken into two sessions. The first part of the training will run through all the theory of using and applying our top quality henna brow. The second part will consist of putting the theory you learnt into practice, where the delegates will work on each other, practicing and developing their newly acquired skills. 


The benefits of our courses


When you take part in one of our henna brow courses, you instantly open your doors to a new customer base. The henna brow market is quickly growing and there aren’t many salons who can provide them, so when you take part in our course, we will provide you with a range of marketing material that will help you attract your new customer growing your potential profit margins. 


Our course will also help you understand the latest eyebrow trends, helping you to improve your current beauty treatment listing, consequently expanding your business. As our courses are delivered in groups, you will also get to network with new like-minded people who may be able to help your business in the future.

So, if you’re looking for henna brow courses, then get in touch with us today. Here at Brow Tycoon, we are the leaders when it comes to eyebrow tints, so you can be sure that if you are trained by us, you will be able to provide a first-class service that your clients will simply love. To book on one of our courses, or if you would like to learn more information, get in touch with us